Banana Cloth

Banana fiber is one of the most sustainable, yet unknown cloths out there

Bast fibers (of which banana fiber is a type) are fibers made from the phloem of plants.  Typically we associate these with stems and cloths such as jute, flax, and hemp.

These cloths all have that same rustic feel to them.  However, the common banana also produces fine fibers which can be transformed into fantastic cloths.  Bast fibers are wonderfully sustainable, with the majority of them reaching maturity in just 3 months or less.  We have the technology today to break the fiber down into incredible fineness, but even traditional bast fibers were used for luxury items such as clothing.

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The banana fiber is often found in Thailand and one use is to use the coarse variety of textiles as an exfoliating soap covering.  Pankesum is a proud supplier to several hotels of this product including the prestigious Four Seasons.  Our gift baskets branded under “Tamarind Bay” offer a larger version of the product perfect for your home.  Stay tuned for more exciting banana fiber projects in the future, and send us your ideas!

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So what’s so good about banana fiber?


  • It’s really strong
  • It’s really light
  • It absorbs and releases moisture fast
  • It’s eco-friendly as it’s quickly biodegradable.  And bananas are a quick and easy-growing plant.

We’ve been experimenting with them, and already have some pouch soaps and table runners out.   Definitely take a look at them.

TMBBedJu00 Samarkand 1
Banana Bark Bed Runner (with linen edges)

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