What makes the tamarind fruit and its tree so great?

  Some may wonder what Tamarind is,  if those who are reading have visited south east Asia before might already know that Tamarind is a fruit that is shaped like a bean with a sticky date-like texture. Usually Tamarind is used for cooking to add in a sour taste. The famous Pad Thai? It uses tamarind…

What is biscuit pottery?

Now, biscuit pottery isn’t specific pottery meant for your biscuits, you know.. biscuits and jam anyone? But rather it’s a specific type of ceramic that has gone through a specific type of process; or actually lack of process. What process do you mean you ask, oh this sounds intriguing lets hope. Biscuit pottery, or otherwise…

Banana Cloth

The banana fiber is often found in Thailand and one use is to use the coarse variety of textiles as an exfoliating soap covering.

Distressed wood decor

Unless you’ve been living in a cave lately, you’ll probably have noticed that distressed wood (or weathered wood) is making a major comeback in the home décor line. Perhaps you have a friend that picked up an antique, or visited a café or coffee shop that had a couple signature pieces of distressed wood art….

Visiting a wood workshop

How some of roro’s products are made Tucked away in the outskirts of Chiang Mai and nestled between rice paddies that formed the name of the old Lanna kingdom (Lan-na meaning “Million [rice] fields”), lies the village of Boh Sang.  Every day, tourist vans swing by the main plaza, part strip-mall, part-market, where workshops display…